About Us

Heart attacks and Strokes unnecessarily remain our #1 killer for both men and women.  At the Optimal Heart Center & Body Lab, I am an expert in the diagnosis, treatment, and cure for arterial disease. These conditions are completely preventable.  Diseases of the arteries supplying other organs produce dementia, type 2 diabetes mellitus, kidney disease, peripheral arterial disease, and erectile dysfunction.  Again, we can prevent the devastating effects of disease in these arterial beds. 

It is never normal to have disease in your arteries.  My specific goal is to cure arterial disease. I need to cure this disease within 30,000 miles of arteries in each of our bodies.  I work hard  to prevent and reverse heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, as well as kidney disease and erectile dysfunction. Evidence-based supplements are a foundation for healing the silent and invisible disease within our arteries, and to do so before tragedy strikes.

Some patients absolutely need prescription medication for their arterial disease.  However, I also use specific supplements in lieu of, or in addition to, prescription medication, and I truly expect them to perform as a prescription. The vast majority of supplement effects can be directly measured on a patient’s labs to prove that it is working to heal the insides of their arteries.

Simply being symptom free is the delusion of health.  I need to treat something you don’t even feel.  I have successfully utilized supplements for arterial healing for greater than 20 years.  I know what works.  Most people have no idea how good their body is designed to feel, let me help you help yourself. 
- A. Feyrer-Melk, M.D