Vascanox HP
Vascanox HP
Vascanox HP
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Vascanox HP

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Vascanox HP® is a breakthrough product providing nitric oxide support for up to 24 hours with a single dose.*† Vascanox HP supports the natural production, storage, and release of nitric oxide.* Each 60-capsule bottle is a 1-month supply at recommended dosing levels.

The physiological importance of nitric oxide was established in the 1990s and has since been confirmed by scientific studies and clinical experience.

In an IRB-approved study, a single dose of Vascanox HP increased salivary nitric oxide levels for up to 24 hours.*†

Optimal nitric oxide levels have been shown to:

  • Support a healthy cardiovascular system*
  • Support and maintain blood pressure in the normal range*
  • Support healthy circulation*

Calroy’s proprietary, patent-pending formula targets nitric oxide metabolism, using multiple pathways.

As measured by saliva NO test strips in an open label IRB-approved study.

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