OraCare Health Rinse
OraCare Health Rinse
Dr. AMFM: The Exclusive Formula

OraCare Health Rinse

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  • Kill Viruses
  • Kill the Bacteria that causes Gum Disease
  • Break up Dental Plaque
  • Create easier Dental Cleanings
  • Eliminate Bad Breath

The main ingredient used in OraCare's Product line is Activated Chlorine Dioxide, the secret behind our award winning formula. Since true chlorine dioxide is a gas, the two solutions must stay separated until ready to use. OraCare’s Activated Oral Cleanser is a great addition to any oral hygiene regimen because of its lack of side effects; no staining, no additional calculus/tartar buildup, and no altered taste. Improving daily hygiene can help prevent disease, and disease is easier to handle before it establishes itself in the mouth. A clean mouth is a healthy mouth!

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